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Escrow Account Basics

    What is an Escrow Account?

    An escrow account acts like a savings account for the payment of your taxes and/or insurance. As each mortgage payment is made, a portion of your payment is deposited into the escrow account. Dallas Neighborhood Homes will use funds from that account to pay your tax and/or insurance bills as they are due.

    Why am I required to have an Escrow Account?

    An escrow account is required. The benefit of an escrow account is that you can combine all of your mortgage related expenses into one monthly payment.

    Why is a minimum balance required on my Escrow Account?

    Each borrower is required to maintain a minimum balance in your escrow account.

    Who can I contact with questions? Dallas Neighborhood Homes has contracted with AmeriNat to service all of our loans.

    Call AmeriNat Customer Service at 800-943-1988 or email

    What bills are paid from my Escrow Account?

    The funds in your escrow account are used to pay:

    • Homeowner’s Insurance
    • Property Tax
    • Other Forms of Insurance as applicable, such as Flood, Mortgage, Wind/Earthquake