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Is The Time Right?

Are you ready to be a homeowner? Deciding to become a homeowner is a big step. Because rental security deposits are most often limited to first and last month rent amount, renting can be viewed as cheaper and more flexible in the short-term. Monthly rent payments cover the general residential expenses, but more often than not leases and rental agreements cannot be sustained for the long term as payments can be periodically increased.

However, homeownership is the catalyst for a brighter future for not only your family but also for your future as a viable consumer. Making your mortgage payments on time can increase your credit score which may reduce the amount you pay for important items such as; auto loans, credit card interest rates and future loans. Homeownership can help you increase your net worth by building equity in your property through principle payments and improvements.

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity

DNH works exclusively with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to facilitate homeownership and make the loans affordable for every Borrower.